For every style, every occasion and every budget. We create unique jewelry for you. Let us do our magic. We will create designs for you that perfectly underline your personality. Form, material, colour? Whatever you dream of, we will make it come true and find the matching gemstones. This is what we specialise in. Let us advise you and take part in the whole process of creation. From the sketch, the 3D model to the wonderful piece of jewelry, manufactured in perfect craftsmanship.


Perfect by nature. Shimmering, almost luminous from within, sensual. Pearls are magical. Which ones do you like best?


Pearl necklace made of cultured Akoya pearls with pendant tassel made of black spinel and brilliant stud earrings for individual attachment – tassel earrings made of black spinel

Brilliant ear studs for individual pendants – tassel earrings made of aquamarine

Brilliant earrings for individual attachment – tassel earrings made of black spinel


Pearls are always a matter of the heart. We still enjoy the beautiful pearl necklaces of our grandmothers or mothers who passed them on to us. They represent beauty, naturalness and power. We have an emotional bond with them, and they underline the feminine. Women have appreciated them for over 5000 years and no other jewelry has been entwined with so many stories and legends. Roman women, for example, had a special preference for this gift of the gods and the men of the Roman Empire called their lovers “Margarita”, which means “pearl” in Latin. We, too, cannot escape their spell and love to create exclusive, modern pearl jewelry for our customers.

»Beauty begins the moment
you decide to be yourself.«

– Coco Chanel

Fine Jewelry

Just for you! We create jewelry that perfectly underlines your personality. Individual, exclusive and simply different. Tell us about your wishes…

Fine Jewelry

Faceted amethyst pendant with aquamarine and diamonds

Earrings with faceted amethyst grapefruit, aquamarine and diamonds

Women’s ring in white gold with amethyst and a diamond

White gold pendant with diamonds and aquamarine gemstone

White gold women’s ring with diamonds and exclusive aquamarine

White gold earrings with diamonds in teardrop shape

Sapphire pendant in white gold with brilliants on a white gold necklace

Sapphire ladies ring with diamonds

Exclusive sapphire gem set consisting of a pendant, stud earrings and women’s ring

Emerald drops in white gold with diamonds

Studs white gold with diamonds and a drop of emerald

Exclusive tourmaline pendant with diamonds on a white gold necklace

Long tourmaline and diamond earrings in white gold

Women’s ring in white gold with yellow beryl and diamonds

Earrings made of green-white chrysoprase

Rings made of green-white chrysoprase, blue chalcedony and pink opal


Deep blue like the ocean, jungle green or a very specific delicate purple – the search for the right gemstone sometimes takes months. Because only the one special stone gives the jewelry its special character and makes it your favourite piece. We give you the choice. Often, you can even watch the process of cutting, which further strengthens the emotional bond. You will also accompany us along the entire creation process and experience all phases of the design process. Gemstones from all over the world, an extraordinary design and goldsmith’s craft of real quality – we look forward to fulfilling your wishes.


A ring, a necklace, earrings or a set? Tell us what you want. Together, we will find out what suits you and the special occasion best. Yellow gold, white gold or rosé? An aquamarine, tourmaline or sapphire stone? How big, which colour world, the precious metal rather matte or shiny… There are no limits to creativity.

What would you like to spend? If we know your budget, we can suggest options. Many of our designs can be adapted to a specific budget. But please keep in mind that gold, gems and high quality craftsmanship have their price.

As soon as the budget and the desired delivery date are set, we will start designing. The more information you can give us, the better. But don’t worry: We will support you in finding ideas if you are not quite sure. After the first meeting, we will make a sketch. You can tell us if we are moving in the right direction. Then we will look for the right gemstones, discuss further materials and produce a model or create a 3D image. Only then does production begin.

We work in a highly professional manner and adhere to set deadlines. However, the production of custom jewellery takes time, and the production process often involves many steps. If the jewellery is to be finished by a certain date, please contact us early and discuss the time frame. The end result is a beautiful and unique piece of jewellery, made according to your wishes and taste.

Of course, you will receive a certificate for each piece of jewellery, the gemstones and diamonds. When it comes to service and quality, we make no compromises.

Liliane Eberle

“When I design jewelry, I first capture the personality of the person wearing it. And I inquire about the occasion. Should it be something for the daytime, something light, charming, but with presence? Or a piece of jewelry for evening wear? Perhaps glamorous, sparkling, elaborate? I look to see which colours underline the complexion, which shapes create harmonies or deliberate counterpoints. Then I make the first sketches … and in the end there are two personalities. The person and the jewelry. A perfect match.”


The implementation of Liliane Eberle’s designs is in the hands of two goldsmith workshops in St. Gallen, Switzerland and Idar Oberstein, Germany. There, pieces of jewelry of the highest quality are created, both in terms of execution and materials. The gemstones are purchased as rough stones directly in Brazil, Africa or other places around the world by a certified German “Gemstone specialist operation”,, and are already inspected on site. This guarantees transparency and, above all, fair trading. Then they are worked and cut in Idar Oberstein. Please contact us. We will be happy to work out the right stone with a special cut to create something very special for you.


Please contact me with any inquiries or if you have any questions.