Perfect by nature. Shimmering, almost luminous from within, sensual. Pearls are magical.


Pearl necklace made of cultured Akoya pearls with pendant tassel made of black spinel and brilliant stud earrings for individual attachment – tassel earrings made of black spinel

Brilliant ear studs for individual pendants – tassel earrings made of aquamarine

Brilliant earrings for individual attachment – tassel earrings made of black spinel


Pearls are always a matter of the heart. We still enjoy the beautiful pearl necklaces of our grandmothers or mothers who passed them on to us. They represent beauty, naturalness and power. We have an emotional bond with them, and they underline the feminine. Women have appreciated them for over 5000 years and no other jewelry has been entwined with so many stories and legends. Roman women, for example, had a special preference for this gift of the gods and the men of the Roman Empire called their lovers “Margarita”, which means “pearl” in Latin. We, too, cannot escape their spell.

»Beauty begins the moment
you decide to be yourself.«

– Coco Chanel

Fine Jewelry

Faceted amethyst pendant with aquamarine and diamonds

Earrings with faceted amethyst grapefruit, aquamarine and diamonds

Women’s ring in white gold with amethyst and a diamond

White gold pendant with diamonds and aquamarine gemstone

White gold women’s ring with diamonds and exclusive aquamarine

White gold earrings with diamonds in teardrop shape

Sapphire pendant in white gold with brilliants on a white gold necklace

Sapphire ladies ring with diamonds

Exclusive sapphire gem set consisting of a pendant, stud earrings and women’s ring

Emerald drops in white gold with diamonds

Studs white gold with diamonds and a drop of emerald

Exclusive tourmaline pendant with diamonds on a white gold necklace

Long tourmaline and diamond earrings in white gold

Women’s ring in white gold with yellow beryl and diamonds

Earrings made of green-white chrysoprase

Rings made of green-white chrysoprase, blue chalcedony and pink opal


Deep blue like the ocean, jungle green or a very specific delicate purple – the search for the right gemstone sometimes takes months. Because only the one special stone gives the jewelry its special character and makes it a favourite.